Why Is Physical Fitness Important For You and How you can Start Now?

Hope you will enjoy this 10 min upper body workout!

This home workout will help strengthen, sculpt, and tone your arms, back and shoulders.

If you want to target your arms, shoulders, and back is a must as they really provide shape and fullness.

The 5 exercises are all for 30 seconds each with 10-second rest in between.

Once you complete a full round you then have a 30-seconds rest before starting the second and last round.

The exercises are as follows in 3 ROUNDS:

1) Push-ups

2) Back Lift

3) Narrow Pushing

4) Butterflies

5) Up and Down Plank

Complete the whole exercise twice a week and if you want to burn fat, then combine with a fat-burning, cardio workout on my channel.

Practice 3-times per week for a nice lean body.
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10 min workout

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