3 Signs of Improper Credit Card Use

Are you looking for information that will help you check if you’re managing your existing card accounts – such as your unsecured and secured credit cards – correctly? If your answer to this is question is YES then, we suggest you consider very carefully the following signs of improper credit card use:

You make huge payments on pesky fees and charges like late payment penalties, overdraft fees, fines for declined transactions, and other finance surcharges. After all, cardholders only incur these charges if they don’t handle their existing lines of credit responsibly. For instance, you will only incur late payment penalties and surcharges if you often skip or miss out on your credit card bills. Moreover, your interest payments will balloon out only if you’ll submit just the minimum amount due to your card issuer, on a monthly basis.

Meanwhile, you will only worry about getting penalized with overdraft and declined transaction fees if you’ll max out or go overboard with your credit card charges. Furthermore, you will just incur steep finance charges if you’ll abuse the additional features, like the balance transfer and cash advance facility that come with your unsecured or secured credit cards. This goes to show that if you’re keen on keeping your credit payments minimal then, you should steer clear from habits that will cause damage, not only to your credit history, but also to your personal or household budget.

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